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For GR-1089 Section 10 and ATIS-0600315.2007 TESTING

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The 4301 Series has been specially designed for EMC testing of network telecommunications equipment and is capable of reproducing the waveforms required for DC voltage variations and transient voltage measurements as described in GR-1089 Section 10 and ATIS-0600315.2007.

Pulse Triggering

The 4301 system automatically triggers your AWG to create the test pulse.

Up to 240A DC at +/- 50V DC

Pulses of up to 800A at voltages of up to +/- 100V.

Current and Voltage Monitors

Assist in the completion of Requirements R1, R2, R3, R4 and R5 of the ATIS standard.

Integrated AWG

Optional Fluke 281 AWG comes pre-programmed and integrated into the 4301 system.


The 4301 is a fast, low-noise, DC-capable AC amplifier system that can be used for a wide range of DC transient and steady-state tests.

Select from Four Output Current Potentials

Choose a version with maximum output at 60A, 120A, 180A or 240A.

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