One of our core competences is EMC. Our instrumentation and system solutions range from low cost pre-compliance to fully compliant turnkey EMC test facilities.

We have a proven track record in providing our customers with the equipment needed to ensure their products comply with the EMC Directive.

EMC Room

Our product range includes:

  • RF and Microwave Amplifiers
  • Antennas and Positioning Equipment
  • Dual Directional Couplers and Accessories
  • Field Probes and Monitors
  • Attenuators, Loads and Waveguide
  • Power Meters and Signal Generators
  • Spectrum Analysers
  • EMI Receivers
  • ESD and Transient Generators
  • Test Cells and EMC Test Chambers
  • Lightning, NEMP and HEMP Simulators


  • AE Techron Precision industrial amplifiers for MRI/NMR, EMC testing, Energy/Protection Relay testing and Research Industries.
  • AR RF & Microwave Solid state amplifiers and modules, TWTA's, antennas, accessories
  • AR Receiver Systems EMI/EMC measurement receivers
  • FSA Antenna systems for immunity and emissions
  • Gerac High energy and lightning pulse generators
  • MVG EMC Shielded rooms, anechoic chambers and filters

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