EMF Safety

AR Europe is proud to offer a range of hand-held meters/monitors, probes and accessories for measuring exposure levels of a variety of products.

These advanced EMS solutions are known for providing cutting-edge solutions in all areas of broadband and selective measurements, both in real-time mode and stand-alone.

AR’s safety solutions include:

  • Interchangeable isotropic probes for electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields
  • Wide band handheld meter (DC-40GHz) with data logging and GPS
  • Time/frequency analysers for complex signals (from DC to 400KHz)
  • Software for data logging and analysis

EMF Safety Products


With the emphasis on EMS this range of instruments is designed for monitoring exposure levels of workers and the general public in such applications as:

  • Industrial ovens, RF heating and welding systems
  • Diathermy, NMR and other RF medical devices
  • Sensitive sites (Imaging and NMR)
  • Power plants
  • Railway and ground transport systems
  • Wireless telecommunications, base stations, broadcast equipment etc
  • Power lines
  • TV and radio transmitters and base stations

Key market sectors

  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Safety
  • Telecommunications (TLC)
  • Industrial, scientific and medical (ISM)
  • Military


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