Online Seminar:
Wi-Fi 6E Chipset Characterization Using Broad Band RF Power Sensors

Please join AR Europe & Boonton for this online seminar on Monday 30th November at 1400 UTC

Attendees will learn how to conduct Wi-Fi tests without compromise using intuitive, high-performance, and cost-effective instruments. Depending on the application and testing needs, engineers may need to acquire essential measurements like peak, average, and minimum power on specific portions of a waveform, such as the preamble of a Wi-Fi packet. Boonton can provide this vital measurement focus by defining various user-set parameters or setting markers within software.

Agenda and Topics

  • RF Power Measurements to Assess Chipset Performance
  • Average and peak power
  • Video bandwidth
  • Peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) or crest factor (CF)
  • Amplifier compression
  • Complementary Cumulative Distribution Function (CCDF)
  • Power vs time
  • Single packet (time gating)
  • Multi-packet (Boonton Measurement Buffer and Synchronized Independent Gate Modes)
  • Live Demo of Amplifier Testing
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